Trinket Trailers

Trailer Options

We are able to build a wide range of trailers including:

  • Box trailers
  • Recreational trailers (such as motorbike and kayaking trailers)
  • Tradesmen trailers (one piece construction to avoid leaking)
  • Property maintenance trailers (such as gardeners trailers)
  • Car carriers
  • Enclosed trailers
  • Camper trailers
  • Tandem trailers
  • Tipper trailers
  • Tool boxes
  • Motorbike touring trailers

...and many more.


A deposit is required before manufacturing begins when placing an order for a new custom built trailer.


Trinket Trailers accepts cash, cheque, eftpos and credit card. A 2.5 % fee for all credit card payments applies.
Payment is required in full before goods can be taken away.

Trailer Ideas

trinket trailers - Stock-crate-trailer.jpg MorningtonStock crate trailer
trinket trailers - Machinery-trailer.jpg MorningtonMachinery trailer
trinket trailers - 8-x-5-tradesmans-trailer.jpg Mornington8 x 5 tradesmans trailer
trinket trailers - Glaziers-trailer-2.jpg MorningtonGlaziers trailer 2
trinket trailers - 8-x-5-half-roof-trailer.jpg Mornington8 x 5 half roof trailer
trinket trailers - Camper-trailer-1.jpg MorningtonCamper trailer 1
trinket trailers - Camper-trailer-2.jpg MorningtonCamper trailer 2
trinket trailers - Gardeners-Trailer-2.jpg MorningtonGardeners Trailer 2
trinket trailers - Car-Carrier.jpg MorningtonCar Carrier
trinket trailers - 8-x-5-trailer-with-tool-box.jpg Mornington8 x 5 trailer with tool box
trinket trailers - Glaziers-trailer.jpg MorningtonGlaziers trailer
trinket trailers - Gardeners-Trailer.jpg MorningtonGardeners Trailer
trinket trailers - Motorbike-trailer-2.jpg MorningtonMotorbike trailer 2
trinket trailers - Rubbish-bin-trailer-2.jpg MorningtonRubbish bin trailer 2
trinket trailers - Enclosed-trailer-with-carry-rack.jpg MorningtonEnclosed trailer with carry rack
trinket trailers - Half-tradesmans-trailer-3.jpg MorningtonHalf tradesmans trailer 3
trinket trailers - 8-x-5-trailer.jpg Mornington8 x 5 trailer
trinket trailers - Half-tradesmans-trailer-2.jpg MorningtonHalf tradesmans trailer 2
trinket trailers - Removable-ute-body-with-tool-boxes.jpg MorningtonRemovable ute body with tool boxes
trinket trailers - Camper-trailer-3.jpg MorningtonCamper trailer 3
trinket trailers - Camper-trailer.jpg MorningtonCamper trailer
trinket trailers - Partition-work-for-tradesmans-trailer-2.jpg MorningtonPartition work for tradesmans trailer 2
trinket trailers - Half-tradesmans-trailer.jpg MorningtonHalf tradesmans trailer
trinket trailers - Removable-ute-body-with-tool-boxes-2.jpg MorningtonRemovable ute body with tool boxes 2
trinket trailers - Partition-work-for-tradesmans-trailer.jpg MorningtonPartition work for tradesmans trailer
trinket trailers - motorbike-trailer.jpg Morningtonmotorbike trailer
trinket trailers - Enclosed-trailer-with-carry-rack-2.jpg MorningtonEnclosed trailer with carry rack 2
trinket trailers - Rubbish-bin-trailer.jpg MorningtonRubbish bin trailer